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Quintessential Systems

Our History

Quintessential Systems was born as Process Design Group in 2003. Richard Hall, the eldest son of Ken Hankinson, the founder and original owner of KCH Services Inc in Forest City, NC.

In 2004, Gray Construction approached Richard “Rick” Hall regarding a project they were planning to place an offer on. The Engine Cleaning and Disassembly Facility at the Corpus Christi Army Depot in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Gray was successful and awarded the job and subcontracted Process Design Group (PDG) to design, build and install 5 automated cleaning, degrease, and paint strip lines consisting of 440’ stainless steel tanks, 4 automatic stainless steel hoists, and a variety of stainless steel parts baskets for each of the five lines. A total of 23 process tanks required to be exhausted and PDG outfitted those tanks with automated covers that open and close in sequence with the hoist instructions. Adding the tank covers saved CCAD tens of thousands of exhaust being needlessly exhausted and tremendous amounts of energy savings. The project was successfully completed and handed over to the government in 2005.

Later in 2005, Precision Machine of Savannah contacted PDG looking for an anodizing line to be built and installed in their facility in Savannah, GA. PDG went a step further and offered PMS a manual anodizing line constructed with semi-automatic tank covers opened and closed by push button by their operators on the tank line. PDG also provided and installed a closed looped waste water treatment system including a DI water system and holding tank. Once handed over to PMS, They were able to bring their anodizing needs under their own roof and control the flow of their work for their customers.

In 2009 PDG offered the DOD through the Air Force a bid for the supply and installation of a small arms plating facility to be installed in Camp Tami, Iraq. PDG was awarded the contract and Richard flew to Baghdad to be ushered into Camp Taji to kick off the project with a site inspection and walk through.

In 2011, PDG installed the small arms plating facility including Type I,II and III anodizing processes.

In 2012, PDG was awarded a purchase order to install a semiautomatic chemical etch line for a DOD Contractor, which PDG provided a series of polypropylene chemical tanks and semiautomatic tank covers for the line.

In 2015, PDG was awarded with a purchase order for an automated anodizing line for a large aerospace vendor in a new facility in Orangeburg, SC. PDG provided an automated overhead hoist with several process tanks, including wastewater treatment system and holding tanks.

2018-2023 DOD proprietary process work not to be seen or shared. Based upon strategic marketing research the company’s name has been upgraded to Quintessential Systems and the company’s domain name has been shortened to

Who We Are

Quintessential Systems is made up of four industry experienced experts with years of hands on knowledge. They have each been “in the trenches” getting projects turned over to our CUSTOMER, who is the most important piece of the TEAM.
We are a consortium of industry professionals, installers, craftsmen, engineers, and draftsmen brought together and hand-picked for each specific project, so we can best serve the TEAM’s primary member, our CUSTOMER!
Our employee base varies from year to year as we have projects of different types and sizes in a long pipeline of known projects and companies that need our expertise.
Quintessential Systems utilizes the manufacture to specifications of the build to print process for an end product that is assembled on the floor of the customer’s site.
We have successfully used this concept for 18 years for each of the automated and manual process systems that we engineer and install, saving customer expense on needless overhead costs. 
QS is your source for Aluminum Anodizing Systems, Electropolishing, Electroless Nickel Plating, Chemical Milling, Industrial Etching, Wastewater Treatment Systems, Exhaust Systems, and more.


We can design and build a customized system for your specific needs.

Every project is custom built.

Our team has the experience needed for your project.

We promise to deliver on time each step of the way.

System Installations

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