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Process Systems
Engineering & Design

PDG designs and builds custom Process Systems to drastically improve your efficiency and production.

Metal Finishing System Installations

Aluminum Anodizing Systems

PDG designs and builds custom anodizing lines for precision applications.

Electropolishing & Electroplating System

PDG designs and builds custom plating systems for decorative and functional finishing applications.

Systems Integration

Systems Integration is a process of engineering in which PDG designs each subsystem of a particular process to create a fully functioning system, ie. the process line.

Turnkey Automated & Manual Hoists

PDG offers a selection of custom built and turn-key hoist systems.

We use the hoist motors and a series of sensors to maneuver each hoist through a programmed routine throughout the tank line. The hoist is able to travel precise distances within a few millimeters of error by using DME (a series of limit switches which control the lifting and lowering confines). Safeties are in place to protect and notify operations of an equipment failure.

Chemical Milling & Industrial Etching - Surface Finishing & Preparation

PDG builds surface metal finishing systems.

Wastewater Treatment Systems

PDG designs and builds custom water treatment and waste-water treatment systems.

Exhaust Systems

PDG builds exhaust systems customized to your facility and process requirements.

Metal Finishing Systems Installation

Process Design Group has worked with a variety of industries and installed dozens of successful aluminum anodizing systems and other surface finishing systems.

Our consortium of industry experts works as a team to make the installation process successful and serve our client well.


We can design and build a customized system for your specific needs.

Every project is custom built.

Our team has the experience needed for your project.

We promise to deliver on time each step of the way.

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