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Metal Finishing Systems

Learn more about metal finishing systems and why QS is the #1 choice for your industry.

Metal finishing is the key to a sustainable future! Our finishing can provide energy efficiency, a reduced waste of power, resistance to microbial contamination, high wear resistance, and much more!

Quintessential Systems designs and builds custom metal finishing systems to drastically efficiency and production for various industries. Our industry experts offer years of hands-on experience in the field and a team will be hand-picked to work on your specific project.

What is Metal Finishing?

Metal finishing is the process of placing some sort of metal coating on the surface of a metallic part. Metal finishing usually involves the implementation of a process to clean, polish, or improve a surface. The industry includes a wide range of processes with a variety of benefits depending on the application.

Industrial metal finishing can do the following:

Corrosion can steal billions from businesses and organizations all over the world. This can be stopped with anodizing and other metal finishing systems to prevent loss of functionality and a diminished aesthetic.

Metal Finishing - Aluminum Anodizing Systems

Anodizing systems can improve corrosion and wear resistance and also provide better adhesion. QS designs and builds custom aluminum anodizing lines for precision applications.

Metal Finishing - Electropolishing & Electroplating System

Electroplating, or plating, is often included in metal finishing and consists of a process that deposits metal ions onto a substrate via an electric current. QS designs and builds custom plating systems for both decorative and functional needs.

Metal Finishing - Systems Integration

In the Systems Integration process, we will design each subsystem of a particular process to create a fully functioning system.

Metal Finishing - Turnkey Automated & Manual Hoists

QS offers a selection of custom-built hoist systems. The hoists are maneuvered through a programmed routine throughout the tank line and are able to travel precise distances using DME. Safeties will be put in place to protect your operations in case of an equipment failure. Our hoist system solutions include:

Metal Finishing - Chemical Milling & Industrial Etching

Chemical milling or industrial etching are typically used on metals to remove materials and create an object with the desired shape for your purposes PDG builds systems using the following:

Metal Finishing - Wastewater Treatment Systems

Our team can also design and build custom metal finishing systems with water treatment and waste-water treatment solutions.

Metal Finishing - Exhaust Systems

QS can build customized exhaust systems for your facility and process requirements that will be:

Metal Finishing Systems - Installation

Quintessential Systems has designed dozens of successful metal finishing systems for various industries. Our experts work as a team to make the installation process successful and properly train your team to use the equipment.

Industries We Serve with Customized Systems


If you are in the Aerospace industry, you will need top-quality, durable metal finishing systems. QS is your trusted source for your unique system needs.


We have been chosen by several military operations for the design, manufacturing, and installation of metal finishing systems including anodizing lines, electroplating, electroless nickel plating, and much more. We guarantee precision and expertise in our systems and will make sure that our work complies with military specs.


QS offers industrial anodizing, industrial etching, and more finishing systems for industrial and manufacturing businesses. Our custom equipment offers better quality, performance, and speed.

PDG offers a comprehensive four-step process for metal finishing systems

Our Process for Designing & Installing Systems

Stage 1: Discovery

The process will start when you fill out and submit a Project Request Form detailing relevant information about your project needs. A team member will get back to you to further discuss your specific needs and may set up an on-site meeting to evaluate the facility, required materials, environmental issues, and any other important pieces.

Stage 2: Planning & Refining

The team at QS will then design a comprehensive metal finishing system design layout, selecting and sizing the equipment. Any feedback from the customer is welcome at this point to refine the system before final approval.

Stage 3: Engineering & Pre-Production

Our engineers and designers will then work together to develop the final design and drawings for your metal finishing system. Once we have your approval, the raw materials will be ordered and delivered directly to your site.

Stage 4: Installation & Training

In the final step of our process, our team will work onsite to manage the installation of your system, ensuring all components are compliant and operational. They will also provide in-depth training for your operators to get the system up and running faster.

Who We Are

About Quintessential Systems

Quintessential Systems is a leading provider of metal finishing systems and other surface finishing solutions. Our team is made up of four industry-experienced experts dedicated to turning excellent projects over to our customers. We will hand-pick a variety of industry professionals, installers, craftsmen, engineers, and draftsmen for your specific project to ensure your success.

Why should you choose our systems? It’s simple. QS systems are top-notch. They can maximize the capture of escaping fugitive emissions on open surface tanks. We are also pioneers in the industry for our design and use of actuator covers on open-surface tanks. We use the latest version of algorithm-based hoist scheduling for each hoist to stay on the cutting edge.


Get Started with a Metal Finishing System Project Request

Ready to get started with your metal finishing system? Fill out a project request form with your requirements and we will start evaluating how to accommodate your needs, your facility, your line layout, and any other important details. We will keep you involved throughout the process to ensure we land on your desired end result.

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